Middle Inflatable Playgrounds

Our middle inflatable playgrounds are 100% Turkey manufactured products. The inflatable playgrounds preffered for the commercial purposes are available to use both indoor and outdoor areas. Our inflatable playgrounds can be inflated by the blowers in a short time. For the different designs of products, you can contact with us.

Cute Duck Inflatable Playground 8x5x3m

Cute Duck Inflatable Playground 8x5x3m


Combo Inflatable Playground is easy to install and easy to assemble. It can be customized to specific sizes and colors.



Dino Inflatable Playground 8x5x6m

Dino Inflatable Playground 8x5x6m


Dino Inflatable Playground 8 x 5 x 6 meter. Completely domestic and produced by Balorama



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