Colorful Inflatable Playground 7x6x2.5m

Colorful Inflatable Playground 7x6x2.5m
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  • Stock Code: 90203



Product Code : 90203

     Width : 7m
     Length : 6m
     Height : 2.5m
     Engine : 1 pc 950w

Colorful Inflatable Playground 7 x 6 x 2.5 meter
Our inflatable playground is completely domestic and produced by Balorama. The inflatable playground has a capacity of 15 children. It can be customized to specific sizes and colors, if requested. You can integrate the special characters you want into the playground.
It is manufactured from high-strength fireproof and colorfast PVC tarpaulin material with sewing assurance and quality.
Our aftersales service includes all kinds of malfunctions and problems in the product. Our every product is our quality assurance.
It is your constant supplier in inflatable playgrounds, inflatable playgrounds, playgrounds and playground production.

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