Balorama Play Equipment San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. was established for the purpose of import, export, manufacture and marketing of promotional items - balloons - playgrounds and toy groups in 1992.

Since 1994, our company has been manufacturing, importing and marketing in these fields , been realized big marketing opportunity related to Advertising Balloons, become a supplier to many giant companies.

In 2002, our company has expanded its scope with new management and corporate identity and has been providing corporate services to many companies in its sector. Balorama offers the best quality and affordable products in line with your wishes thanks to the efficient systems developed for the design and production of giant inflatable advertisement products, inflatable playgrounds, ball pools, trampolines and playgrounds with 26 years of experience. Our skillful technical staff works in order to answer 100% of your requests at any time.

All of our products are under our guarantee and are manufactured to serve you for many years.

Balorama inflatable products created with that philosophy does not compromise on quality, Ball Pools and new products included in the product range . We have been exporting to Europe, Balkans, Middle East, Africa, Canada and USA as well.

Our Mission

Top quality and most reliable products, provide our customers with the most affordable rates.

Our Vision

Being the largest manufacturer of Middle East and Europe.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction, Total Quality, On Time Delivery, Reliability, Professionalism, Continuous Development, Teamwork, Technical Excellence


All Balorama products start with the special designs of our design staff.

Technical Drawing

With the programs used for the technical drawing, we take steps to turn your demands into life. Our experienced and innovative staff will advise you and help you to improve your dreams.


The products are sent to the special cutting table and the product is cut with minimum margin of error with the help of the Technical drawing.

Picture and Digital Prints

After scanning, the pictures and logos are converted and printed by our special software on products to fit. We only use 650gr flame reterdant and lac covered pvc for digital printing.


Our sewing staff have many years of experience in the fields and have undergone special training on soft play and sewing of inflatable products. With our special German Dürpkoff double needle sewing machines and special sewing ropes, our products are manufactured with maximum safety. In this way, our products are both solid and safe, and have a beautiful and esthetic appearance.

Quality control

All Balorama products are ready to use, ready for use without any problems. High weight PVC is used inside the products. The products that will be shipped to domestic and abroad are delivered in their special bags with cargo or our own vehicles. Inflatable Playground

Inflatable Playgrounds

It is made of PVC and Flame Resistant, which is used in Inflatable Playgrounds. The printing fabric used in the characters is 610 g cast vinyl. The motors used are CE, UL, GS, ROHS certified imported fan. Products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Ball Pools

Ball Pools are all 100% domestic production. Used in ball pools, PVC Fade and Flameproof, specially designed for Balorama, 650gr pvc and SGS iso 9001: 2000 and TSE certified. The ball pools includes, rocking horses, slides etc. All the complementary products are CE certified. The print fabric used in the Character Prints is lac covered 650 gr pvc.

Products are guaranteed for 2 years.


Our trampolines are divided into individual trampolines and commercial trampolines.

Commercial trampolines are completely manufacturing domestically, produced with the highest quality materials on the market and ideal for commercial enterprises.

Individual trampolines are imported and manufacturing domestically.

Products are guaranteed for 2 years.

Advertising Ballons

Advertising Balloons and inflatable balloons are our own production with your desired dimensions, colors and visuals.

Our balloons are manufactured from the highest quality of 1100D tarpaulin and special textile material. We can also produce custom design solutions for the companies . The service includes advertising balloons, inflatable arces, flying balloons and airship, fly tube, inflatable costume, inflatable balloon signage, inflatable cinevision and lighted balloon.

Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents are all our own production. Inflatable Tent varieties; advertising tents, inflatable air tight tents, inflatable emergency response tent, planetarium tent and giant tents. We can produce inflatable tents with motor and stoppers. We also have personalized design service.

Coin Operated Game Machines

Coin operated game machines are divided into two domestically produced and imported. It can be operated with money or coin according to the need in the playgrounds. Our range of coin-operated game machines; The coin-operated basketball machine is diversified as an air hockey table, pinball table, coin-operated toys, boxing machine and kiddie rides.

Product Range

Softplay Ball Pool, Inflatable Playground, Coin Operated Game Machines, Trampolines, Children's Playgrounds, Inflatable Advertising Balloons, Educational Supplies, Sponge Toys, Playgrounds, Inflatable Tents, Inflatable Children's Playground and Inflatable Toys.

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