Table football outdoors

Table football outdoors
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Product Code : 95111

Weight : 85 kg
Ground clearance : 90 cm
Indoor : 71 cm x 111 cm
Case Outer Outer Dimensions: 77 cm x 135 cm
Top Case : 25 mm
Bottom Case : 20 mm
Laminated coating is water-contrast.

Foosball Table

Our Foosball Table Outdoor Team Supported product has jacked legs and you can adjust the height. It has 80 mm x 80 mm aluminum profile legs. The pipes with the dolls are 18 mm in diameter and 2 mm thick steel drawing. The arms are national and do not exit to the opposite side. There is a cash box inside the machine that can be locked. In order to make the game more enjoyable, there are bearings in the pipes so that the arms rotate much more easily.

The glass on the top and floor of the machine is tempered glass and is resistant to impacts. The white lighting LED inside the machine is mounted in such a way that it does not dare the eyes of the players. Thanks to the digital screen on the electronic card inside the machine, it is possible to see the coins or money thrown. With the electronic coin channel, you can run it with money or with coins. No more theft or loss of balls with the ball guard device located in front of the machine.

You can choose the 4 big sets you want from the screens of the machine. Thus, when a goal is scored, your team's anthem plays. It is possible to see the goals scored on the digital screen. Spare balls are supplied with the machine. Apply our foosball machine to the arms with wd40 spray once a week.

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