Swinging Donkey

Swinging Donkey
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  • Stock Code: 98500



Product Code : 98500

Product Dimensions (W x W x H): 39.5 x 84 x 81 cm
Product Weight: 4 kg
Maximum Carrying Capacity: 50 kg


Our rocking donkey product is suitable for use by children aged 3 and above. It is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It swings and is safe from tipping over. It has a detachable bottom plate. It can be used as a wheel by removing it from the table. It is fun and safe with its stylish view and ergonomic design. It is suitable for child development. In our product, which does not contain carcinogenic substances, raw materials suitable for child health are used.

We have been at your service since 1992 with the quality and assurance of Balorama.

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