Softplay Playground 7x6x2.5h Mt

Softplay Playground 7x6x2.5h Mt
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  • Stock Code: 93276
  • Category: Softplay Indoor Playgrounds



Product Code: 93276

Width: 7m
Length: 6m
Height: 2.5m

Softplay Playground

Ball Pool Playground dimensions are 7x6x2.5m. Children will have fun with the playground full of extra activities.

NOTE: Pool balls and tatami mats are not included in the price.

Inside the ball pool: Trampoline, Slides, Play Tunnel, Climbing Unit, Sponge Blocks, in-product toys and full activities are available.

NOTE: There may be color differences between the product images and the manufactured product. Please specify your special color requests when placing your order.

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