Native 200cm Net Protection Trampoline

Native 200cm Net Protection Trampoline
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  • Stock Code: 94125



Product Code : 94125

Trampoline Dimensions:

     Diameter : 200 cm
     Height : 200 cm

Max. Usage Weight : 80 kg

Individual Trampoline
Our individual trampoline is domestic production.

Uses: You can use it in common areas such as home, garden, kindergarten or individually.

     It has been subjected to a special paint process, making it suitable for outdoors and long-lasting.
     Imported trampoline jumping net is used.
     Specially produced springs are used for our trampolines.
     CE sponge or foamex material is used for trampoline protection pads.
     A specially manufactured tarpaulin covered with sponge has been applied on the poles.
     Safety nets suitable for indoor and outdoor use are used in protection nets.

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