Junior Kids Basket Machine Led

Junior Kids Basket Machine Led
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  • Stock Code: 95116



Product Code : 95116

Total Weight : 70 Kg

    Right to left : 70 cm
    Front to back : 170 cm
    Ground clearance : 190 cm

New Model Kids Basketball Machine

There are 2 coin channels in our new model children's basketball machine, one of which is a spare. It is completely our own production and is guaranteed for 2 years. The machine is quite remarkable with its RGB animated color changing led lights. The machine is one piece. It is very simple to set up and transport. Since it is domestic production, you will not have spare parts problems. The crucible and barriers are nickel chrome plated.

How the Machine Plays:

    It consists of 4 rounds.
    Each round consists of 60 seconds.
    When he scores 40 points in the first round, he moves on to the second round. And in the second round, the basket is moving.
    When he scores 150 points in the second round, he moves on to the third round.
    In the third round, if you score 250 points, it goes to the fourth round.
    The fourth round is the final round. The machine records the highest score in the record place.

We have been at your service since 1992 with the quality and assurance of Balorama.

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