Information Wheel Toy

Information Wheel Toy
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  • Stock Code: 99419



Product Code : 99419

Product sizes :
Width : 39 cm
Height : 39 cm
Height : 8 cm

Packaging Dimensions:
Width: 8 cm
Height : 39 cm
Height : 39 cm

Age of Use : 3 years+

Wheel of Knowledge
Our knowledge wheel product complies with the National Education curriculum. Our toy that teaches while entertaining is one of our educational aid products. It increases the general level of culture. It allows children to socialize.

There are 10 front and back concept cards and 20 different training topics in our Knowledge Wheel toy. There are 60 reward cards and 50 points cards.

Educational subjects

Colors and Shapes Opposite Concepts Numbers Counting Objects
Fruits Vegetables Animals-1 Animals-2
Seasons Clothing Tools and Equipment Housewares
Kitchenware Our Food Our Body My Emotions
Land Vehicles Water and Air Vehicles Concept of Position in Space The Concept of Time
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