Inflatable Survivor Track 35x8x6.5m

Inflatable Survivor Track 35x8x6.5m
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  • Stock Code: 90565



Product Code : 90565

    Length :
    Width : 8m
    Height : 6.5m

Inflatable Survivor Track 35 x 8 x 6.5 meter

Inflatable Survivor Park is a large area inflatable playground with many activities. Suitable for many children to play at the same time. The most popular inflatable parks of 2019 are in Balorama. There is a 2-year warranty against production defects.

Our inflatable playgrounds, produced with high quality materials and guarantee of BALORAMA, give your children maximum safety and incredible fun moments. Especially there are products which don't have any quality control on the market these days, choosing BALORAMA assurance gives you great benefits in the long term. It is produced by BALORAMA. 

It is a produced supplier of inflatable playgrounds, inflatable playgrounds, playgrounds and playgrounds.

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