Inflatable Playground Domestic Dream Park 13x6x7h Mt

Inflatable Playground Domestic Dream Park 13x6x7h Mt
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  • Stock Code: 90320
  • Category: Giant Inflatable Playgrounds



Product Code : 90320


Width : 6m
Length :
13m Height : 7m
Motor: 2 Pieces 1500w

Dream World Inflatable Playground

A complete inflatable playground with slides, tunnels, playhouses and inflatable animal characters in our Inflatable Playground. With the assurance and quality of Balorama, it is produced from high-level PVC tarpaulin material, one of the world's largest pvc manufacturers, with extra quality equipment special for the new season, high-level visual presentation, seat belt supported, sewn with double sewing machines, and a patented system that prevents immediate extinction against power cuts. This giant inflatable playground is the product of Balorama in-house. The final control is made in our İkitelli factory and delivered to you. The inflatable toy has a capacity of 30 children. Our after-sales service is at your service indefinitely for all kinds of malfunctions and problems. Remember, every product is in our quality assurance. Your constant supplier in the production of inflatable children's games, inflatable playgrounds, playgrounds and playgrounds.

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