Inflatable Park Bouncy Balloon Pony 4x3.3x2.6h Mt

Inflatable Park Bouncy Balloon Pony 4x3.3x2.6h Mt
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     Width : 3.3 m
     Height : 4 meters
     Height: 2.6 m
     Engine : 1 x 680w
     Warranty : 2 Years

Inflatable Playground

Our Inflatable Playground has fully digital color printing. New Model inflatable playground. Our balloon park product, which you can use as an inflatable ball pool, is made of high weight, specially produced fireproof and colorfast PVC and does not contain toxic substances. It is guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects. The product is delivered with its special bag, engine and repair kit. Colors can be personalized upon request. In the face of special requests, the delivery time of the inflatable playground may vary according to the production intensity. Please get stock confirmation information. Our inflatable playgrounds, manufactured with the quality and assurance of BALORAMA, provide your children with maximum safety and incredible fun moments. Turkey's leading company in the production of inflatable playgrounds.

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