Inflatable Jolly Forest Playground 15x8x7m

Inflatable Jolly Forest Playground 15x8x7m
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  • Stock Code: 90319
  • $ 7000

Product Code : 90319

     Width : 8m
     Length : 15m
     Height : 7m
     Engine : 3 pcs 1500w

Inflatable Jolly Forest Playground 15 x 8 x 7 meter

Our new model inflatable playground is imported production and it is the new season product. 

Our inflatable playground which has animal figures covers an area of 120 m²

The inflatable playground is controlled from the production process to the quality control process by our representative abroad.

Final control is made in our factory and delivered to you.

It is your constant supplier in inflatable playgrounds, inflatable playgrounds, playgrounds and playground production.

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