Inflatable First Aid Tent 4x5x2.5h 20m²

Inflatable First Aid Tent 4x5x2.5h 20m²
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  • Stock Code: 96600
  • Category: Emergency Tents



Product Code : 96600

Product Sizes :

    Width :
    Length : 4m
    Height : 2.5m
    Area : 20m²

Package sizes : 120 x 70 x 50 cm

Inflatable First Aid Tent 4 x 5 x 2.5 meter

Our first aid tent is at your service with the advantage of easy installation with its portable structure. It is 100% Balorama production. 1100 deniers are manufactured from UV protected non-fading PVC. It is heat-welded to prevent rain, snow and wind.

Places of Use : You can use it in front of hospitals, search and rescue areas.

Note : Prices include double-side logo printing, carriage hurcu and engine.

Note : Requires air reinforcement every 1-2 days according to temperature-expansion state.

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