Inflatable Event Tent 5x5x2.5h Mt

Inflatable Event Tent 5x5x2.5h Mt
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  • Stock Code: 96437



Product Code: 96437
Diameter : 0.65m
Length : 5m
Height : 2.5m
Engine: 480w
Inflatable Tent
We manufacture inflatable tents of all sizes. We are at your service with the advantage of easy installation with its portable structure. It is 100% Balorama production. It is made of 1100 denier UV protected, colorfast PVC.

Inflatable field closure, inflatable tennis court closure, inflatable field closure, inflatable pool closure mobile system.

Uses: You can use it for advertising, invitation, fair and show purposes.

Product Additions: A complete set is delivered with its carrying case, engine and all equipment.

NOTE: The prints on the intermediate canopy are included in the price. If printing is requested on the feet, there is a price difference.

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