Inflatable Cinema Tent 6x5x3.5h

Inflatable Cinema Tent 6x5x3.5h
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  • Stock Code: 96438



Product Code : 96438
Width :5m
Length :6m
Height :3.5 m
Inflatable Show Tent and Inflatable Movie Tent 6mt
In order to provide ventilation in summer, the side covers can be produced as transparent and velcro. We manufacture inflatable tents of all sizes. We are at your service with the advantage of easy installation with its portable structure. Our giant tent is fully inflatable. It is produced as thermal source to prevent rain, snow and wind. Since the entire product is produced with a thermal frequency system, it needs 80% less motor power. Inflatable pitch closure, inflatable tennis court closure, inflatable area closure, inflatable pool closure mobile system.

Places of use: You can use it as a pool cover, balloon court cover, area covering, or you can use it for storage, fair and show purposes that you can install on your playgrounds.

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