Inflatable Cinema 9Mt

Inflatable Cinema 9Mt
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  • Stock Code: 97609



Product Code : 97609

Width : 2.5m
Length : 9m
Height : 5m
Motor: 1 Piece 950w

Inflatable Cinevision
The height of our Giant Cinevision inflatable product is 5m. It is 100% Balorama production. Thanks to the portable structure of our product, you can take it anywhere you go in its bag. Sets up and assembles in 5 minutes. It provides a superior image with the screen quality used.

Your constant address in the production of Balloons, Flying Balloons, Printed Balloons, Giant Advertising Balloons, Ground Balloons, Road Jewelry, Inflatable Costumes, Inflatable Clowns and Inflatable Mascots.

NOTE : Only inflatable cinevision and motor are provided.

Our product: All connection equipment, CE certified engine, is delivered with its special bag.

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