Giant Advertising Balloon Oil Container 5Mt

Giant Advertising Balloon Oil Container 5Mt
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Product Code: 96986 Advertising Balloon The height of our Ad Balloon product changes as you wish and it is a special size. It is given with its engine according to its size. It is our own production and it is 100% domestic production. Our product is portable, durable and mobile. It is set up in a short time like 15 minutes. You can ask for inflatable advertising models and inflatable products in the shapes you want. Your unchangeable address in the production of Balloons, Flying Balloons, Printed Balloons, Giant Advertising Balloons, Ground Balloons, Road Jewelry, Inflatable Costumes, Inflatable Clown and Inflatable Mascot. NOTE: We can produce in the sizes and prints you want. NOTE: Pricing is based on model. The product is delivered with a special bag, motor, connection equipment and digital printing.

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