Flying Balloon Medel 2.5m

Flying Balloon Medel 2.5m
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  • Stock Code: 97108



Product Code : 97108

      Diameter : 
2.5 meter
      Weight (estimated) : 4 kg
      Volume (estimated) : 7 m³

Flying Balloon Medel 2.5 meter

The diameter of our flying sphere balloon is 2.5 meters. It is produced from the most robust adhesive PVC material. Our flying balloon is filled with 7 m³ of helium. Once a week after installation, gas supplements should be made. You can use it as an advertising product at all openings, entertainment, and sporting events.

NOTE : Our products are delivered in a special box without gas or pressure.

NOTE : Optional foil printing is made to our product. Printing varies in price.

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