Fly Tube Double Footed Multi Color Mascot 8m

Fly Tube Double Footed Multi Color Mascot 8m
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Product Code : 97209

    Height :
8 meter

Fly Tube Double Footed Multi Color Mascot 8 meter

The height of our Fly tube double footed multi color mascot advertising product is 8 meters. Using giant inflatable fly tubes, you can attract the attention of anyone who passes by. The product is manufactured from 100% fly tube fabric.

The Product is on the Market : Fly tube, fly tube, fly man, sky dancer, fly guy and inflatable mascot are also referred to as.

Balloon, flying balloon, printed balloon, giant advertising balloons, location balloon, Road jewelry, Inflatable Costume, inflatable clown and inflatable mascot are invariably your address in the production.

Product : Imported for the first time in Turkey with the assurance of BALORAMA silent, wheeled, extension cable, 3 speed stage N2 sky dancer fan is delivered with.

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