Adventure Park Soft Play Trail 144m²

Adventure Park Soft Play Trail 144m²
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  • Stock Code: 93349



Product Code : 93349

    Width :
 8.5 meter
    Length : 17 meter
    Height : 4.5 meter

Adventure Park Soft Play Trail 144 m²

The ball pool made of iron is very robust and durable. 

Contents : 

  • Dual roller slide unit
  • Survivor course consisting of 3 floors
  • 1 survivor exit exit home ladder
  • 1 unit of survivor slides from 300 cm closed tunnel (partially transparent) slide unit
  • A total of 40 m² uv digital printing to be installed in the appropriate parts of the system
  • 140 m² 100x100x2 cm thick tatami cushion with safari theme
  • 10,000 m² 9 cm pool ball for 30 m² ball pool area (20 packs)
  • 1 pcs electric rotary palm
  • 4x2 mt double front ladder trampoline
  • 1 pcs 7 mt long zipline sliding system
  • 1 piece of wavy fiber slide system sliding from 250 cm
  • 17 mt counter (shoes behind the entrance door)

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